Home Sleep Apnoea Test

sleep apnoea test at home

While our online sleep apnoea test will provide an indication of the quality of your sleep and potential likelihood of having obstructive sleep apnoea OSA, it is not a conclusive diagnosis. The most effective method of finding out whether you have sleep apnoea and need a CPAP machine is to take our overnight home sleep apnoea test.

At Blooms CPAP Clinic, we are experts in sleep apnoea treatment and CPAP machine configuration. Our experienced chemists will advise you on how to take the home sleep test, by guiding you through the parts and machine setup. When you return the testing equipment either by mail or in store, we will send your results off to be analysed by our sleep physicians.

Following this, if your results show that you do need a CPAP machine, we will support you every step of the way. One of our CPAP professionals will help you in select the correct mask, machine and accessories to precisely suit your needs.

To book a take home sleep apnoea test, simply click the button below, or visit one of our stores.

Watch our video for a tutorial on the Alice NightOne device